Cuisinart TOB-155

Cuisinart TOB-155

Cuisinart TOB-155 Toaster Oven Stainless and Black is designed to be an exact heat Toast Oven Broiler that has controls for baking, broiling, toasting bread or bagels, reheating and defrosting foods quickly and easily. The six-slice toaster oven has a clock and oven timers, electronic touch controls and three versatile cooking options.

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Cuisinart Tob-155 can function as a second oven to the built-in unit in your home or an alternative cooking unit at home, office break room, or college dorm. With Cuisinart Tob-155 Toaster Oven Stainless and Black, you can broil fish, bake a whole chicken, or toast bagels with a multifunction countertop oven.

Cuisinart Tob-155 Toaster Oven Stainless and Black Features

  1. Electronic touchpad controls; clock and oven timers; easy-to-clean interior
  2. Cuisinart Tob-155 Shade control with heat sensor maintains precise oven temperature
  3. Measures18.0-Inches x 16.25-Inches (depth) x 9.75-Inches
  4. Cuisinart Tob-155 has 3-year limited warranty
  5. 6-slice toaster oven with spacious 0.6-cubic-foot capacity
  6. Pizza/bake, broil, and toast options; bagel, reheat, and defrost buttons

Cuisinart Tob-155 Toaster Oven Review

Cuisinart TOB-155
Toast Pizza With Cuisinart TOB-155
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I have loved, loved, loved Cuisinart Tob-155. It works great to bake a small batch of biscuits or a loaf of bread. The temperature is even and everything bakes well (I was worried about this but I have been very pleased with the results). It heats up leftovers super fast and preheats quickly. I haven't been burned by the glass front and it hasn't been an issue like other Cuisinart Tob-155 Reviewers have mentioned. It takes up a small amount of counter space.
--Cuisinart Tob-155 Toaster Oven Review by Emilly--

We purchased the Cuisinart Tob-155 and have loved it from the start. We have used it for everything from making toast to cooking potatoes. It's wonderful and very easy to clean. The settings are great and we just can say enough good things about it. Very pleased!
--Cuisinart Tob-155 Toaster Oven Review by Chrystyx--

I spent a considerable amount of time reading reviews of toaster ovens. Did not want to spend a fortune on one, but did not want to waste my money either. Cuisinart Tob-155 Toaster Oven Stainless and Black seemed to meet all my expectations and, so far, it has.

I have only had it about a month and have taken it on an RV road trip. Cuisinart Tob-155 functions exactly as stated and I am very happy with its performance. I love the front of it as it is easy to understand. It is easy to clean, too (very important). You just have to be careful and not put anything on top of it as the entire outside (except the front) gets hot. I would certainly recommend this oven.
--Cuisinart Tob-155 Toaster Oven Review by TexGardenGal--

Cuisinart Tob-155 is by far the nicest ovens I've ever seen/had. The touch buttons are very useful and just great. The rack is accessible, it can be moved out. If you are wearing an oven mitt, you can just slide it out. I baked a cake in this Cuisinart Tob-155 Toaster Oven Stainless and Black. I didn't know how long to bake it for, but I kept watch on it, and it ended up to be around 30-35 minutes.

The cake turned out lovely and delicious. Cuisinart Tob-155 can toast and bake. The toasting options are precise and there are recipes in the booklet. The oven looks nice on the counter top and works very efficiently. It heats up in no time and the alarm works well. It lives up to all its wonderful reviews. I researched thoroughly and Cuisinart Tob-155 Toaster Oven Stainless and Black was the perfect one. To all those who constantly burn themselves, get an oven mitt. It's a dollar at a 99c store. I am planning to make many many foods with this fantastic oven.
--Cuisinart Tob-155 Toaster Oven Review by Marvelous--

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Cuisinart Tob-155 Toaster Oven Stainless and Black
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Cuisinart Tob-155 Toaster Oven Stainless and Black
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